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Kotak 811 - Open Zero balance online Savings account

Kotak 811 - Open Zero balance online Savings account

Hello guys Hope you are enjoying our previous post about Amazon Free Prime Membership. Recently We Have Published Amazon pay Recharge Offer where user can get Rs. 50 cash back on Rs. 100 recharge. Today we post about Kotak 811 Open Zero balance online Savings account offer where you can open an account instantly and get lots more offer. It pays interest of up to 6% p.a. with zero minimum balance requirement. It allows you to make online money transfers for free. Hope you are also enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks offer.

What is Kotak 811:-

811 is a new age bank account offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can open a 811 account by downloading the Kotak Mobile Banking App from google play store. You have to register by using your Aadhaar card number, PAN card number and other details. You can set up a mobile banking PIN and start using your online bank account.

Kotak 811 Open Zero balance online Savings account

How do You Open an Kotak 811 Open Zero balance online Savings account:-

1) First of all visit the Kotak 811 offer page.

2) Now enter your name, Mobile number and click on Continue.

3) Next page enter the OTP and click on continue.

4) Put your Adhaar Card number.

5) Setup PIN and Click on Confirm.

6) That's It... You have done!!! Your have got your Kotak 811 free online account.

Terms & Conditions:-

1) Any Resident Indian who is 18 years and above who downloads Kotak Mobile Banking App from App Store/ Play Store using smartphone and provides his/her details in the application for opening a 811 account offered by Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

2) By downloading the app and providing his/her details, customer agrees to the terms and conditions of the Bank as listed in

3) By downloading the app and sharing all information, customer consents to provide his/her name, contact details and other information on an at will basis with Bank.

4) Bank shall not be liable for any connectivity/signal/data issues leading to non-completion or wrong/false/incomplete information being provided by the customer leading to the incompletion of his/her application.

5) The customer herewith agrees to provide his/ her valid Aadhaar number and valid PAN Card details. He/she understands that opening an account is subject to correct, complete and accurate information is provided.

6) Customer agrees that the name in the account will be the customer name as per his/her Aadhaar Card in case OTP validation of Aadhaar is successful or will be as per his/her name mentioned on PAN Card.

7) Application once submitted cannot be withdrawn by the customer. Bank shall not be liable to pay for any costs (technical/ data plan related or otherwise) incurred by the customer in the course of the downloading or sharing his/her details on the application.

8) This application is available for opening a savings account by Resident Indian Individuals only.

9) The customer authorises Bank to share his/her mobile number and address with the respective mobile operator to verify customer's address at any point of time.

10) The customer herewith confirms that he/she has not used the OTP based Aadhaar (e-KYC) verification to open any other bank account.

11) If opened through UIDAI based OTP, it will be a limited KYC account, in which you cannot have a credit balance of more than 1 Lakh. Your overall cumulative deposit in such an account cannot exceed 2 Lakhs, unless you complete the full KYC process.

12) The customer herewith agrees to complete his full KYC by visiting his nearest Kotak Bank branch/ by requesting a visit from the bank representative and providing his biometric details within 12 months of opening such account.

13) The customer agrees that failure to complete full KYC within 12 months will lead to his account being closed by the bank. He can proceed to withdraw funds/ use his account for any transaction only upon completion of full KYC.

14) The customer agrees that if her/ his balance in the limited KYC account exceeds 1 Lakh in a given day, bank reserves the right to put the account on a total freeze, till such time that customer completes the full KYC process.

15) The customer will not be eligible to get a Cheque book for this account.

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